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Swim Lessons for Mesa

Learn to Swim in Mesa, AZ

Learn to Swim Mesa! Trust SWIMkids USA with your child's Mesa swim lessons. We are located at Guadalupe and the 101, convenient to all parts of Mesa, AZ.

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We offer swim lessons for Mesa residents here at our year-round facility located right here in Mesa, Arizona. Our swim classes are on-going and year-round.

Our Mesa Swim Lessons have been featured in the media!

If you are looking to learn to swim in Mesa, Arizona, you should know that our swim-float-swim sequence is the standard in water safety training that many have tried to replicate: because it works! Thousands of children have been saved by this technique plus every individual who has been trained by this method is safer in the water. SWIMkids USA swimming instructors equip their Mesa swim school students with an immediate method of survival in an emergency situation by teaching them to roll on their backs where they can breathe and rest for an indefinite amount of time. After a short rest period the child is then taught to roll back onto his/her stomach and continue to swim to the safety of the wall or steps.

Located in Mesa, these swimming lessons are a step-by-step plan of development wherein one skill is built upon another. The skills are practiced over and over so the child learns each skill to the automatic level. Upon graduation from each level, we award the student a medal in a mini-Olympic graduation ceremony in front of his parents and peers. At SWIMkids USA, we build self-esteem and confidence through repeated success. In addition to our children swimming classes, we also offer baby swim lessons and special needs swimming classes.

Mesa Swim Benefits

Our Benefits:

  • International Experts in Water Safety
  • Lowest Student to Teacher Ratio in the Valley
  • Certified Instructors
  • Make-Up Classes
  • Free Practice Times
  • Awards for Achievement
Mesa Swim Benefits

Mesa Swim Lesson Free Trial:

For available swim class times and schedules or to schedule a free trial class, please call (480) 820-9109 Now!

Mesa Swim Benefits

Our Location:

From Mesa, Arizona, take 101 South to the Guadalupe exit. We are located just South of Guadalupe, immediately East of the 101. Click for Directions to SWIMkids USA.

We also offer a Swim Team, Special Needs Swim Lessons and Summer Swim Programs.