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Movement Activates Learning

Books by Lana Whitehead

• Movement Activates Learning
• The Role of Reflexes in Learning
• Scientific Benefits of Learning


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Take your curriculum and staff to the next level with these materials developed by internationally recognized author Lana Whitehead. These materials developed by internationally recognized author and speaker Lana Whitehead, distinguish your program from your competition by promoting the brain development aspects of your curriculum. According to Lana in her new book Movement Activates Learning, "physical educators, therapists and coaches are teaching a great deal more than swimming, gymnastics,, dancing, etc. They are building interconnections between the neurons and new neural pathways, preparing a child for later complex cognitive reasoning. . . movement must become as important as computer and 'book work.' Educators, therapists and caretakers should take advantage of the 'hidden power of movement' (Weinberger 1998) to facilitate children's intellectual achievement, brain development, reading readiness and language acquisition."

Parents are hungry for this information. With these materials, you can wow them by showing how your program makes their kids smarter and happier. In addition to Lana's book and DVD, the package includes her book on The Role of Reflexes in Learning and Scientific Benefits of Baby Swimming.

Use Our Package to:

  • Differentiate your services and programs from the local area competition.
  • Educate your staff and clientele on how the "movement activates learning" concepts and publications.
  • Reinforce the perceived value of your services and programs.