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Gymnastics Lessons
GYMkids USA!

Swimming Student

Build a foundation of balance, strength, coordination and flexibility. Start with stretching and strengthening exercises and advance through to higher skill levels. Students practice on the balance beam, rings, parallel bars, uneven bars and floor exercise.

Tumbling Tots: Your child will be exposed to floor work and apparatus skills. The children balance on beams, revolve on rings, jump hurdles, and flip on bars. Our instructors highlight basic body positions, gross motor coordination, balance, flexibility and strength in a playful and imaginative manner.

GYMkids USA: These classes offer a strong foundation of balance, strength, coordination and flexibility. Beginning with stretching and strengthening exercises on the mat, they practice moves such as cartwheels, round-offs, handstands, backbends and walkovers. The students learn to flip by themselves on bars, rings, and perform advanced skills on the balance beam and hurdle. While your child develops their physicality, they also gain confidence and higher self-esteem in a fun and positive environment.

Classes are 30-45 minutes, once a week. For available class times and schedules or to schedule a free trial class, please call 480.820.9109.

We love Gymnastics at GYMkids USA!

Gymnastics Classes

Parent Tumble Tot

Intro to tumbling and apparatus, in an interactive parent and toddler class.

Join us as soon as your child can crawl!

Tumbling Tot 1

Intro to tumbling and apparatus

Bear Walk on beam, Tip Toe walks on beam, 3 raindrops on rings. Hold basket hang on parallel bars for 10 sec. and 5 frog hops from ring to ring

Tumbling Tot 2

An expansion from tumbling tot I with an emphasis on balance and coordination

Forward roll w/no hands getting up/down map. Dip walks length of the beam. Hold bent arm tuck for 5 sec. on ring, crabwalks and bat hang for 10 sec

Bronze GYMkids USA

Master forward roll and emphasis on the proper execution of skills

3 skin the cats, 5 back flips on rings. Forward roll tuck jump. Monkey swings on parallel bars and bridge hold for 10 sec. on mat

Silver GYMkids USA

Master cartwheels, hold weight on bars and forward roll on beam

Forward roll on beam, hold handstand for 2 sec then roll down mat. Either side cartwheel, abba-dabba length of uneven bars twice & back bends from standing

Gold GYMkids USA

Master advance tumbling skills including: pull up kick-over on uneven bars and cartwheel on beam

Straddle dismount from uneven bars. Cartwheel on beam. Back walkovers. Pull-up kick over on uneven bars and front limber or front walkover