June Swimmer Spotlight: Isabel S.

Isabel 3Age:  10

Years at SWIMkids USA/DTAC:  8

Current Level:  DTAC 10 & Under Elite

Best Stroke According to Her Coach: Backstroke

 Greatest Accomplishments This Year: 

  • Getting her first 1stplace finish
  • Overcoming her fear of competing and backstroke flip turns with her new-found self-confidence

Factors in Her Success:

  • Piano lessons
  • Art classes
  • Running and hiking
  • Regular meet and practice attendance

Quote from Coach Bryce:  Isabel might be small, but she is mighty! In the last 6 months I have seen Isabel overcome many of her fears. She battled through the cold of the winter, perfecting her dives, and running a flawless backstroke flip turn in competition, that at first she was hesitant to try. Each and every meet, I can always count on Isabel to put her technique first. This means a great deal to any swim coach! Anyone can go out and scrap themselves to the finish, but it takes true focus and self-discipline to always implement the long-term strategy first. I am extremely proud to have Isabel as part of my team!

What Isabel Likes About Swim Team:  I like swim team because I get to see my friends and my wonderful coaches.  I also like swim team because I have fun at practice and meets.

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