July Swimmer Spotlight: Makayla L.

MakaylaAge:                                                       10

Years at SWIMkids USA/DTAC:     8

Current Level:  Desert Thunder Aquatic Club 10 & Under Elite

Best Stroke According to Her Coach:  Freestyle

Greatest Accomplishment This Year: State regional times in every event!

Factors in Her Success:

  • School news crews
  • Drama club
  • Choir
  • Bike riding
  • Regular meet and practice attendance

Quote from Coach Bryce:  Makayla is great! She is so laid back and does not let little things in life stress her out. Makayla knows that with time she will become better and better. She has a very beautiful manner in which she swims! I really enjoy observing the natural simplicity of Makayla’s stroke technique. 

Why Makayla Likes Swim Team:  Swim team is fun because you can be active with your friends while being outside in the pool. 

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